For building pre-kits and packaging small combinations of parts up to 800mm in length.

Recommended for manual feeding together with automatic feeding through feeders, allowing the operation of pieces up to 800mm in length. Another differential is the possibility to pack pieces that require more care due to their finish, due to the lack of friction or impact between the parts and components.

- Compact machine for small kits;

- Holds up to 04 feeders;

- High yield and productivity system;

- Touch panel for operational commands;

- Optimizes space in the production area;

- Fractioned kits, in identified bags;

- Enables manual feeding via conveyor belt.


Optional Components:

  • Final Checkweighers;
  • Exit Conveyor for Kit Elevation;
  • Weigh Counting Module;
  • Manual Feeding Conveyor; and
  • Printer.
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